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2016 m. lapkričio 15 d., antradienis

NAVCoin Decentralisation Whitepaper

Navtech Decentralisation Whitepaper

Cryptocurrency technology is decentralised by design. It is believed that rigorous truth is a natural byproduct of an open source platform run by the public. The decentralisation and automation of systems enable people to make informed choices about the systems in which they choose to participate and provides an even playing field as never seen before in history.
As well as the inherently democratic nature of decentralised systems, they offer protection to the participants by providing a safety in numbers hypothesis. This limits the ability of malicious actors to threaten or attack participants in the system due to the number of people involved and the global nature of their relationships.
Another advantage is that they are extremely robust. Once a piece of software has entered the public domain, it becomes impractical and virtually impossible to shut down completely. This enables security to the future of the system and knowledge that if the public deems it valuable it will persist.

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