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2016 m. lapkričio 27 d., sekmadienis

SMARTRAC: Partnership with blockchain technology leader Factom

Amsterdam (The Netherlands), November 21, 2016: At the upcoming tradeshow Trustech in Cannes, RFID and IoT pacesetter Smartrac is launching an integrated document verification and authentication solution. This breakthrough solution is based on the company’s IoT enablement platform Smart Cosmos, its NFC transponders, and innovative and highly secure blockchain technology provided by partner Factom.

Partnership with blockchain technology leader FactomSmartrac’s proprietary IoT platform Smart Cosmos utilizes Factom’s data integrity solutions to encrypt, record, and secure Smart Cosmos entries into its public blockchain. The Factom integration is key to dLoc’s superior security. Once the hash value is created, the value itself and every verification (read) process is recorded in Smart Cosmos and the Factom Blockchain.
“dLoc is the first practical document authentication system that utilizes the Factom Blockchain to bridge the data integrity gap between the physical and digital world. We now have a reliable way to secure information on paper-based documents with digital data using blockchain technology. dLoc’s data and identity authentication solution holds great promise for both public and private sectors where paper-based documents are widely used,” says Abhi Dobhal, VP Business Development at Factom.

“DLoc is the first practical document authentication system that utilizes the Factom blockchain to bridge the data integrity gap between the physical and digital world,” said Factom Vice President of Business Development Abhi Dobhal.

Original sources:

Smartrac Launches dLoc – a Breakthrough Document Authentication Solution Leveraging Blockchain

2016 m. lapkričio 21 d., pirmadienis

GameCredits - gaming with crypto

If you haven't heard about GameCredits, now is a perfect time to jump a train. Generally speaking, GameCredits is creating a new payment gateway for the gaming industry. They are providing seamless, easy and secure payment solutions for the gaming indutry. By the Q1 of 2017, GameCredits will be used in 1000's of games through the new payment solution. 

Syscoin 2.1 Feature List

Syscoin team just announced that they are releasing Syscoin 2.1 on December 18th, 2016 by or before midnight US/PST.

NAV - Anonymous Transactions

2016 m. lapkričio 20 d., sekmadienis

Increased Privacy with Syscoin 2.1 – Direct ZCash Payment Support

Syscoin 2.1 will have support for direct ZCash (ZEC) payments in the same way that Syscoin 2.0 has support for direct Bitcoin payments. Users will be able to purchase items by paying the appropriate peg-converted rate of ZCash directly to the seller’s designated Syscoin address. Once received the seller then confirms the funds are present on the ZCash blockchain/network and the transaction is then marked as completed on the Syscoin network.

Because Syscoin addresses are compatible with ZCash Transparent addresses we can offer ZCash support with complete multisig support to allow for optional Syscoin escrow functionality. A merchant has the ability to select a combination of payment options from a list of SYS, BTC or ZEC. Once a buyer tries to buy the offer they will see the payment options available. Once they select ZEC, a Transparent ZCash address will be generated which uses the same private key as the merchant’s Syscoin address. The buyer would pay from a private ZCash address to preserve anonymity and the seller would import their private key (at a random time in the future) into their ZCash wallet to claim their funds, and send those funds into an input of a JoinSplit transaction to store them in a private ZCash address, creating a JoinSplit sandwich.
The JoinSplit sandwich can be summarized as follows z-addr -> P2SH t-addr -> z-addr which provides the maximum amount of privacy with multisig support. All signing of ZCash transactions within the Syscoin escrow service happens on the Syscoin network and is posted onto the ZCash network upon escrow completion. This offers great usability within a trustless and decentralized payment design.

More details to come on privacy preserving payments within the Syscoin marketplace on our upcoming Syscoin 2 whitepaper upon release of 2.1 core.

2016 m. lapkričio 15 d., antradienis

NAVCoin Decentralisation Whitepaper

Navtech Decentralisation Whitepaper

Cryptocurrency technology is decentralised by design. It is believed that rigorous truth is a natural byproduct of an open source platform run by the public. The decentralisation and automation of systems enable people to make informed choices about the systems in which they choose to participate and provides an even playing field as never seen before in history.
As well as the inherently democratic nature of decentralised systems, they offer protection to the participants by providing a safety in numbers hypothesis. This limits the ability of malicious actors to threaten or attack participants in the system due to the number of people involved and the global nature of their relationships.
Another advantage is that they are extremely robust. Once a piece of software has entered the public domain, it becomes impractical and virtually impossible to shut down completely. This enables security to the future of the system and knowledge that if the public deems it valuable it will persist.

2016 m. lapkričio 2 d., trečiadienis

Stratis Weekly #3 on how to hold your Stratis tokens securely, integration with Microsoft Azure and Freewallet

Stratis Weekly #3 is dedicated to security issues to help users to keep their tokens safe. Follow full guide instructions to store and keep your Stratis tokens securely.

Stratis weekly roundup informs about the Stratis Platform integration with Microsoft Azure:

as it was stated by Stratis CEO, Chris Trew:
We see this as first step towards a deeper integration and partnership with Microsoft in the BaaS arena. Being a company that specifically develops tools for the Microsoft ecosystem, it’s only natural that we integrate as tightly as possible with their platform offerings. This undoubtedly will provide greater visibility for our projects and serve to showcase the multiple functionalities that Stratis Platform can offer.
You can read more about it on Tech Announcer and Cryptohustle.

Finally, Freewallet included Stratis in their mobile wallet  service.

Currently Stratis tokens are traded on Bittrex exchange for 0.00007500 BTC ($0.054299).

2016 m. lapkričio 1 d., antradienis

Navtech Anonymous Network Goes Live

The Nav Coin Foundation, the anon-system test team, and Nav Coin’s highly supportive community are proud to announce the release of the newly upgraded network. Dubbed ‘Navtech,’ the network boasts a dual-blockchain powered, anonymizing, value transfer system.
The Nav Coin team has spent the last two months putting the final touches on the new anonymous system. This is big news not just for Nav Coin enthusiasts, but online communities as a whole that are interested in anonymity, blockchain tech, and value transfer solutions.
Today’s launch was a critical piece of the puzzle for Nav Coin in preparation for the upcoming decentralization of the anonymous network. The decentralization work will continue immediately with the Decentralisation Whitepaper slated for release in early November. When the system is ready, trusted server operators will join the decentralized network testing process. Shortly after testing is completed and the new system is running in a truly anonymous, decentralized manner, the network source-code will be released. Once decentralized, members of the public will be able to host their own processing servers and earn Nav Coins for the transactions the process.
In addition to the optional anonymous transaction service, Nav Coin’s biggest strength is it’s super fast network speed. It’s no secret that Bitcoin has an average transaction time of 10 minutes, with transactions over heavy periods taking much longer. With a block time of 30 seconds combined and a scalable block size of up to 20MB, the Nav Coin network is able to handle 1300 transactions per second. Nav Coin fills a niche where the giant that is Bitcoin can’t at present, almost instant transactions and the ability for anonymity with the simple click of a tick box.
This has been a big year for Nav Coin, however, the next few months will really be NAV’s time to shine. Here’s what we have planned for the coming weeks after today’s Navtech launch, and the soon to be decentralization network upgrade:
Official NAV Web Wallet: 95%
An X13 capable, custom Electrum server that can create fully-qualified wallets, and will be released with the option for self-hosting. The NAV team will provide a website and service integration support if you need.
Raspberry-Pi: 95%
A low-energy NAV PoS Staking solution based on the Raspberry-Pi platform. NAV’s highly  anticipated touch-screen staking unit, offers a more energy efficient way to setup wallet  a address, view your balance, and an easy to use withdraw option.
Decentralization Implementation: 85%
The release of the new Navtech value-transfer system, was a key piece of the decentralization network implementation. The new architecture allows Navtech servers to operate in trusted clusters and form their own private mesh network of processing servers which anyone will be able to run and earn rewards from.
These status numbers represent an agreed completion grade given to the project by the core devs, volunteer community devs, and when necessary, the community test participants. This method of voting by group has helped the NAV team meet every goal earlier than expected, and within a reasonable two-week period when releasing later than expected.
To learn more about the design of the new network head over to http://navcoin.org and have a look at the whitepaper. If you’re not very technical or you just don’t have the time, please take a look at the whitepaper cheat sheet. Any questions or concerns about the current or future iterations of Nav Coin can be addressed in the Nav Coin bitcointalk forum thread, Slack channel, or Twitter.
The navcoin.slack.com is open for any and all questions regarding user or node setup. Join the channel #navajocoin-faq if you’re a new user or maybe you’re just curious and would like some information. For guides and general help regarding NAV wallets, nodes, source-code, or platform-specific guides, please visit http://navcoin.org/guides. Although highly-technical questions are welcomed, and encouraged, please understand that the NAV team will only answer these types of questions in the official NAV BitcoinTalk thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=679791.0. This is so there’s a public record of all technical related responses regarding NAV, Navtech, and the upcoming network upgrade.
Don’t be discouraged to join yet another site. Come ask questions, play around, or even troll our community. As long as it’s all in good spirit, we need more people to try and break our code, network, wallets, and anything else you can think of. Rewards are granted for bug-hunters, cryptographers, network specialists, professional security researchers, or just some wise guy with skills, so feel free to collect the bounties listed on the official NAV website at http://navcoin.org/bounty.