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2016 m. rugsėjo 30 d., penktadienis

What about this blog is? Introductory remarks

I'm in crypto from 2014 as investor and trader. Most of my activity is connected with studying material and tracking all the news and updates of the projects I'm interested in. Firstly, it was silent work and I was doing it alone. Later I met a lot of people and some of them became my friends. We did some stuff together and shared gains or losses along. What is important - despite your are doing this on your own or following someone else advice - you are always responsible for your decisions. You shouldn't follow me because I know that everyone has his own trading and investing strategy. So, why this blog matters? 1. I'm sharing with you breaking news and updates that COULD (but not necessarily) affect market. 2. I will discuss most promising projects from my point of view and I will invest in them. You can track my investments and get informed on my further decisions. 3. I'm preparing myself for CRYPTO RUN - investing defined sum of BTC in cryptocurrencies for determined period. 4. I will show indexes of my gains and losses and I will also share with you more interesting anlyses of market. Follow me if you consider yourself as crypto investor and crypto trader. I think you can get get something intereting here.
Tips for the current project are welcome: BTC address: 1MDVdQPPE9xp7djzpUUyAUELuLQiekdNPc

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