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2016 m. spalio 1 d., šeštadienis


Today is the first post dedicated to the investors in cryptocurrencies. Gulden is our first pick.
Gulden goes with motto - added value for your money. It is simple because with every new user the value of Gulden goes up. You can use Gulden for payments or as an investment. It is simple. With Gulden you send money to each other Wire it to any IBAN account, pay at Gulden or Bitcoin merchants. Gulden has very attractive app. You can store your Guldens on your mobile phone. Using this app you can pay to any Gulden or Bitcoin accepting merchant. It eases the way cryptocurrencies are used. Despite the fact that Bitwala research shows that ‘Nobody Uses Altcoins,’ Bitcoin Is the Top Crypto, Gulden is not a case. Currently over 55 merchants accept it as payment. Gulden and Bitcoin, what are the main differences? First of all, Gulden block doesn't halve. Scendly, Gulden has a lot more supply as compared to Bitcoin. Technically, Gulden team had developed diff algo called DELTA. It smoothens the block times and makes mining fairer. Currently are the final phases of PRIME testing before official update and announcement. With PRIME Gulden team introduces a system that allows 0 confirms and 51% attack prevention. Additionally, PRIME is very important for merchants and adoption. It helps to get more merchants. Gulden is creating system that competes witg fiat apps. It should be better and easier to use. It should replace all plastic debit and credit cards. All you need is app on your mobile phone. So, your money is always with you, safe and easy to get. You have all control over your funds. Any bank or government can reach your account and block it. Value of Gulden In 2015 the value of Gulden went up 35%. Savings simply can't compete with Gulden. At the momonet of writing this post 1 Gulden = $0.007169 or 0.00001170 BTC. The target of investment Gulden is long term investment. The target price is $1 in two years. Where to buy Gulden? There are two ways to buy Gulden. 1. Buy Gulden through the Nocks. Nocks is a blockchain-based payments platform, combining new technologies with existing infrastructure for a better performance & experience in (mobile) payments. 2. Buy Gulden through the exchanges. Currently Gulden is listed on Bittrex, LiteBit.eu or Bleutrade. Afterwords The release of PRIME is coming very soon. The price of Gulden went up in September more than 50%. It is stabilized having much room fro growth after official release. DISCLAIMER The current post is based on my own experience and it should be treated not as advice to invest. Every person carries his own responsability.

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  1. Nice article! Also check out https://gulden.help for more information about Gulden (in Dutch now, but soon translated in English).

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