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2016 m. spalio 5 d., trečiadienis

Gulden Seeks To Gain Adoption By The General Public

A Netherlands-based cryptocurrency, Gulden took the opposite approach of major coins and focused on usability for the average person. Named after the Dutch currency before the euro took over, Gulden has a number of features to make its adoption more attractive to merchants and customers, including a PRIME zero-confirmation function. By partnering with the Nocks app, Gulden can be easily transferred into euros. In addition, the app has a mechanism for instantly exchanging to Bitcoin, allowing it to be used at Bitcoin-accepting merchants as quickly as if the user had never held Gulden to begin with. According to Plasman, the point of Gulden is in building mass adoption, not providing a direct alternative to Bitcoin: “At the moment I don’t think there is one. What we are building will definitely attract the general public, but probably not the current Bitcoin community. And that’s fine, because we are focusing on the 99%, the people that just want something easy to use with the benefits of blockchain. But it takes time to build something like that.”

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