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2016 m. spalio 2 d., sekmadienis


Our second pick up for long term investment is Syscoin.
Syscoin is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that offers near-zero financial transactions like Bitcoin and provides businesses the infrastructure to trade goods, assets, digital certificates and data securely. Syscoin isn’t just about money and trading, it has the ability to attract all business types thanks to its native set of features geared towards the financial sector. From eBay traders and High Street shops to selling that one last item that you couldn’t even give away at your garage sale, Syscoin’s decentralized network benefits everyone! Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Syscoin’s intrinsic value is derived from the decentralized services it provides directly on the blockchain. The blockchain powers all Syscoin services. It is a decentralized system of record hosted by a series of “nodes” on the Syscoin network. Syscoin trades under the symbol SYS in virtual currency exchanges.
Syscoin is like eBay stores or "Buy it Now" listings, except with a payment and escrow system built-in”, explains Dan Wasyluk. Syscoin is official partner of Microsoft Azure. Why to invest in Syscoin? Current price of syscoin is $0.008288 or 0.00001352 BTC. The rise of the price of Syscoin was in September in anticipation of 2.1 release and further development of Blockmarket. As team of Syscoin is hardly working to deliver neat product the release of 2.1 is still underway. It is an opportunity for everyone to buy Syscoin for the best price now. 2.1 release and blockmarket will cause sharp rise of the price, certainly. Syscoin is working in collaboration of Blockchain Foundry. Blockmarket is the world's first blockchain based e-commerce platform. Coming in late 2016, Blockmarket represents Blockchain Foundry's first public product offering and will be immediately available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace upon launch. Blockmarket is a browser-based experience that allows users to leverage the power of Syscoin's blockchain-based marketplace without having to know anything about blockchain technology. Blockmarket leverages the innovations in Blockchain Foundry's Syscoin project to remove the middlemen from the buying and selling process giving buyers and sellers a true peer to peer marketplace, resulting in substantially lower costs with 100% uptime, redundancy, and security built-in. Sneak peak of Blockmarket M1 were recently released.
Syscoin is long term investment. Target price of our investment is 1 SYS = $0.10 in 1,5-2 years. You can buy Syscoin on major exchanges: Poloniex, Bittrex, Livecoin, BTC38.

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