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2016 m. spalio 21 d., penktadienis

Verge - standard of privacy and anonymity in crypto

Verge (XVG) is a standard of privacy in crypto world. It is a multi algorithm, secure, private and evolving cryptocurrency offering a ton of privacy tools. Verge since is one of the most anonymous coins you can find today. Price of XVG is hugely undervalued trading in the teritorry of 0.00000004-0.00000005 BTC today. There are a lot of room to rise in the future as development team is working hard and everyone interested can track their work. 

How it was started?
Story of Verge traces back to October 2014 when the developer (known on Bitcointalk forum as "Dogedarkdev") decided to create a coin that focuses on anonimity and decentralization. The original coin was named DogecoinDark. However, developers decided to rebrand the coin and chaged its name to Verge. After rebranding price of Verge jumped from 6 satoshi to 20.   

Privacy tools
As it was mentioned above Verge offers ton of privacy tools. XVG absolutely doesn't share IPs of people or nodes. Verge developed perfect i2P and TOR implementations and they further working to bring the best results in privacy and anonymity. 


Currently you can use Windows, Linux and Mac wallets, Paper wallet, Electrum and Web wallets. You can safely access your wallet via i2P & TOR. 
Verge also has elegant Android wallet currently working on i2P & TOR Android wallets. 

Trading  and price

Verge is currently trading on minimum as you can buy a lot of coins ranging from 4 to 6 satoshi. There are good reasons for the price to go up in the future as development team is very devoted and working hard on various features. You can buy with your XVG various products via Cointopay service.


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