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2016 m. spalio 20 d., ketvirtadienis

STRATIS - bringing blockchain to business

The Stratis Platform is dedicated to advanced blockchain solutions. During the ICO Stratis in total raised 915 BTC (561 BTC in just last two days). According to the whitepaper:

Stratis is a powerful and flexible blockchain Development Platform designed for the needs of real-world financial services businesses and other organisations that want to develop, test and deploy applications on the blockchain. Stratis blockchain apps can be developed in pure C# and can also utilize the Microsoft .NET framework, while also taking advantage of the powerful Stratis APIs and framework. Stratis significantly simplifies the development process for creating Blockchain applications and accelerates the development lifecycle for blockchain development projects. Stratis private chains allow businesses to deploy their own customised blockchains without the overheads inherent in running their own blockchain network infrastructure. Stratis’s turnkey solution enables developers and businesses to create, test and deploy blockchain-based applications quickly and easily, all without the costs and security concerns that would otherwise arise from an in-house implementation. 

Stratis Platform is developing a flexible Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) that allows companies to create their private or public custom blockchains. Advantage of Stratis is that it will be built on NBitcoin platform using pure C#. It also utilizes the Microsoft.NET framework, which is easier to maintain and develop in comparison with the traditional C++ Bitcoin Core source code. 

What is very important, C# is considered to be safer language and is one of the dominant languages in business application development. The C# Stratis Bitcoin full node is developed on top of the NBitcoin library which is being worked by Nicolas Dorier since May 2014. 

Stratis platform is the first to offer for companies and businesses to build private blockchains. It has evident advantages over public blockchains as allows to customize the performance of particular application. 

Fiat gateways integration is another important feature of Stratis platforms and has a lot of advantages over traditional bockchains:  

Although blockchains allow for the transfer of value in the form of their native tokens, these have numerous problems from the perspective of a commercial enterprise, including compliance issues and the fluctuation in price that is a result of normal market supply and demand.

Stratis is designed with the integration of fiat gateways in mind from the outset. It allows financial organisations to use the blockchain for the transfer of existing currencies that are both readily accepted by mainstream consumers and are not subject to damaging volatility: tokens of value that are simply digital equivalents of regular money. This ‘best of both worlds’ approach means that businesses can maintain compliance in whatever way they see fit, according to jurisdiction and organisational policy, whilst simultaneously using the blockchain as a store of value – with all the advantages for speed, cost, transparency and stability of currency such a dual strategy allows. 

Stratis Platform will allow developers to combine features from multiple blockchains (Ethereum, Lisk, Waves) themselves and  also with Stratis own mainchain. This would allow companies to test newly created blockchain features that will best fit the needs of the company. 

To help businesses on which blockchain features to concentrate and how to do it, Stratis Consultancy agency will be launched approximately in January 2017. 

 For more information about Stratis platform their vision and how it will help for value of STRAT I recommend you to watch Q&A videos:

Price and predictions
As you can see from the very start of trading Stratis is showing stability and slow rise in price. Before major updates this trend should continue. My personal opinion is that till the end of this year Stratis could hit 0.0001 BTC mark. The most important features related to the price of STRAT are development stages and partnerships with companies and businesses. Still and all, Stratis is a bargain in crypto market today to traders and investors. I have chosen long term investment expecting STRAT to reach $0.50 mark in 2017.  

Where to buy
You can buy Stratis tokens via Bittrex and RAWX exchanges or using CoinVault, Changelly and Bittylicious services.  

News and discussions
For recent news you can always check Stratis blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Discussions could be found on bitcointalk and Reddit

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